Get Stream Input Statistics

How to get stream online status, duration, bitrate, codec and more


The stream statistic can help you monitor if there's any anomaly during the streaming session and troubleshoot the problems that occurred. LiveAPI provides the GET /live_streams/{id}/stats endpoint to help you easily grab the stream's stats in real-time.

Before you start

You will need access to LiveAPI Access Token. Refer to the Authentication in LiveAPI section to learn how to generate an access token via the LiveAPI dashboard.

How to get stream stats

You can call the GET /live_streams/{id}/stats endpoint to get the stats of your stream in real-time.

Sample request:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
--header 'Authorization: {your_authentication}'

Sample response:
For further info, you can refer to GET /live_streams/{id}/stats.

    "bitrate": 2118,
    "published_from": "",
    "last_dts": 1646710659445.3,
    "running": true,
    "start_running_at": 1646710572201,
    "lifetime": 86973.333251953,
    "input_bitrate": 2118,
    "id": "6226cf2c-3262-4413-b4e1-e41635feb981",
    "out_bandwidth": 6546,
    "published_via": "rtmp",
    "push_stats": {
        "rtmp://": {
            "sent_bytes": 23343452,
            "status": "running"
    "source_id": "6226cf2b-db4e-4f23-8056-dbbc0b598149",
    "output_bitrate": 2118,
    "bytes_out": 49337319,
    "bytes_in": 24716859,
    "retry_count": 0,
    "media_info": {
        "tracks": [
                "track_id": "a1",
                "codec": "aac",
                "content": "audio",
                "channels": 2,
                "sample_rate": 48000,
                "bitrate": 162
                "bframes": 0,
                "sar_height": 1,
                "pixel_height": 720,
                "fps": 30,
                "track_id": "v1",
                "bitrate": 1956,
                "profile": "Baseline",
                "height": 720,
                "width": 1280,
                "sar_width": 1,
                "content": "video",
                "gop_size": 23,
                "codec": "h264",
                "pixel_width": 1280,
                "level": "3.1",
                "pix_fmt": "yuv420p",
                "last_gop": 25
    "alive": true,
    "opened_at": 1646710572201,
    "ts_delay": 869,
    "url": "publish://",
    "last_access_at": 1646710572201


No stats returned when stream offline

You should only call the endpoint when your stream's status is online, otherwise, it'll return an error.

Sample response when getting the stats of an offline stream:

    "statusCode": 404,
    "error": "Not Found",
    "message": "Stream not found in upstreams."

What can you do with LiveAPI stream stats

You can display the stats to your users to monitor the stream on their own, as we did on our dashboard. You can also build a real-time chart out of this endpoint.

We'll be releasing a sample code for the real-time chart soon, so it's easier for you to get started. Please check back here later for the update.