Authentication in LiveAPI

LiveAPI uses Access Tokens to authenticate the API requests. To make a successful request for accessing a resource in LiveAPI, you must pass a Token ID and Secret key in the authorization header of each request.



The Authentication is performed via HTTP Basic Auth where you pass the Token ID in the username value and the Secret Key in the password value.

Authentication Flow

LiveAPI allows its users to create, view, and manage access tokens via the LiveAPI Dashboard.



You must be an Owner or assigned with an Admin role to create access tokens.


Creating New Access Token Panel

The API returns a unique Token ID and Token Secret key after verifying the user's identity. The users can then use the issued Token ID and Token Secret to access the resources available on the LiveAPI server.



Please note that the Token Secret is returned only once after you have created the access token successfully for security reasons. It's highly recommended that you save the Token Secret in a safe place.


Access Token